On this page, you can find out more about the sectors we work in.

Housing Associations and Local Authorities

GCS, have since 1997, been providing a vast array of compliance and professional related technical services to local authorities and housing associations (registered housing providers). We duly recognise that housing associations and local authorities need to provide “safe homes” at low rental costs to their residents who are most in need.

The majority of our client base have a large property portfolio, so effective property asset, compliance control and adaptive service provider management is key to providing sustainable living.

We have a proven track record of employing both competent and knowledgeable people who have helped our clients to improve their key compliance services, improve their housing stock and restore both knowledge and trust into the end user.

We have over the years built a proud reputation for being an organisation that cares about our people, how the work we do effects the communities we operate in and how our services provide long lasting benefits to our clients.

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Nursery, Schools, Academies, Multi-Academy Trusts and Universities

We duly recognise that with the constant pressure and changes placed upon the educational sector to control and protect public funds, we believe our compliance management and technical support services can maintain a healthy approach to sustaining a safe learning environment for children.

We work with many education duty holders and the Co-operative Schools network to assist Nurseries, Schools, Academies, Multi-Academy Trusts and Universities by correctly identifying any significant risks arising from school activities, within school premises and to manage out those risks with a collaborative approach.

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Commercial Property and Buildings

As a Landlord or owner of commercial property or building’s we understand the importance to ensure that these premises are energy efficient and fully compliant. We also widely recognise the importance of ensuring that routine maintenance services are delivered well, without compromise to revenue potential or safety and remain within cost controlled parameters.

In a challenging economic climate, savings and efficiencies can make a substantial difference!
We offer a full range of services to help businesses reduce their environmental impact and to make both energy and cost savings. When it comes to making improvements we have the expertise to provide the correct advice and guidance in all areas of compliance, energy efficiency and procurement.

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