Compliance Management Services

GCS remain a trusted industry provider of expert and technically managed solutions to the following key areas of Compliance:

  • Gas Safety
  • Oil and Solid Fuel Safety
  • Commercial & Industrial Safety
  • Electrical Safety
  • Water Hygiene Protection
  • Fire Protection
  • Renewable Heat Sources
  • Energy Efficiency Certification
  • Passenger Lifts

We have since 1997 developed longstanding and trusted relationships, which have seen our clients to continue to operate safely and effectively without fear of risk or failure of compliance.

Please see below a current list of the types of Compliance Management Services that we provide. Please note that our services remain completely bespoke and can be tailored to suit any specific requirements that you may have:

  • Service Programme Management
  • Contract Variation and Cost Validation
  • Routine Servicing Certificate Validation
  • Capital Works Programme Management
  • Contract Remedial Actions Management
  • Contract Mobilisation and Monitoring
  • Task Management and PPM Scheduling
  • Asset Profiling and Budget Forecasting
  • Asset Data Verification and Validation
  • Identifying Increased Value and Implementing Solutions
  • Identifying Sustainable Cost Efficiencies
  • Energy Efficiency and Renewable Technology Planning
  • Assessing Risk and Implementing Managed Solutions
  • Asset Data Integration and ICT Interfacing
  • Policy and Procedural Review
  • Client and Service Provider Review
  • Supplying of Interim Technical and Administrative Staff