Summer is well and truly over, as the nights get dark and we reach for our scarves and woollies. As the colder months approach, we become reliant on heating to provide a vital source of warmth in our homes. It’s essential you ensure your boiler is ready for the winter months, so check out our top tips to make sure you’re covered:

Bleed your radiators

If your radiator is warm towards the bottom but not at the top, this is usually a sign you that you need to bleed your radiators. Air can often get trapped, blocking water from flowing through your system. This will also enable you to get the maximum amount of heat during the winter months.

Insulate your pipes

Be wary of exposed pipes in your home, during the colder months pipes are more likely to freeze. To avoid this, make sure they are well insulated and turn your heating on regularly to thaw out your pipes. If they freeze over, the best thing to do is turn the stopcock off straight away and call a Gas Safe Registered Engineer.

Schedule a boiler service

To ensure your boiler is in good working order, organise a service with your Gas Safe Registered boiler maintenance company to ensure it’s in good working order and running efficiently. This will also highlight any potential problems that could result in your boiler packing in on a freezing winter’s day – be proactive, rather than reactive.

Invest in a carbon monoxide alarm

Carbon monoxide is a colourless, odourless and tasteless gas and, as such, it is very difficult to detect and can easily be inhaled without you realising. Being exposed to high concentration levels can be fatal or cause several other long-term health problems such as brain damage. Make sure you have a functioning CO alarm to detect any harmful gases in your home – this could save both you and your family’s lives.